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You    have    entered    the    OFFICIAL    Parma    Pasquets    homepage!

Allo, allo! This is Suzanne and this is Lily! We are bringing you PARMA PASQUETS! This is our first kidding, eh Lil? Tres true my is! Parma Pasquets is our company...where if you send us lots of moola...we'll...uh, we'll do whatever it is that we do for you! That's right, Lil! We are sooooo awesome at...well, whatever it is we do...that we decided to share our talents! Yee haw! So send us your money...psst! Suzanne...don't forget about the Oh yeah...and that picture down there...well, we hope that no one sues us for that one!

Our oh so cool links!

Site Web Officiel de Hayden
Our absolute fave artist! He rawks!
You know you're a Star Wars geek when...
Hey...what else is there???
The Mackenzie Brothers homepage
It's Canadian, eh?
Sonic Unyon Records
The kewlest indie bands in Canada!
Pearl Jam chat
Where you can usually find Suzanne
The Park
Where you can usually find Suzanne AND Lily
Hava Java Internet Cafe
Lily and Suzanne's second home
It's's free! Just go!
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Suzanne's page
It's sooooo cool! Even more links!

Wow Lil! We've had visitors! Probably us, right?