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Former Artists of the Season

The Tea Party - Winter 1997/98

Jeff Martin


Stuart Chatwood


Jeff Burrows

Check out my own pics of the Tea Party!
Many thanks go to Tom Gilmore for his generous donation of pictures! Visit his phenomenal Tea Party fan page here.
Check out the Tea Party's hi fi super duper flashy web site here.
Tracks from Transmission
Temptation | Army Ants | Psychopomp | Gyroscope | Alarum | Release | Transmission | Babylon | Pulse | Emerald | Aftermath

Glueleg - Autumn 1997

You know them, you love them... The band that brought you Heroic Doses is back with a vengeance (but they're still really nice guys...)! The new CD is in stores NOW and is called Clodhopper. The band (after a few major changes) is Andrew Wyse, Ruben Huizenga, Christian Simpson, and Andrew Charters (AKA Chowder). For more info on the band check out their very own newly updated webpage here.
Tracks from Clodhopper
Pistons | See Saw Man | Endless | Mrs. Petrie | Clodhopper | Stack It | Let All Hear | Fresh Pigs | Dragonfly | Titania | The Country Song

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