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There have been a lot of people in my life throughout the years. I guess that I should be grateful for each and every one of them. I've gained new experiences from them all, some bad, some good, but all of them developed me into the person I am today. This is where I'd like to pay a little tribute to those in my life right now, and those who although I do not see daily, or have even been in contact with for a great number of months, have still been important to me, and often remain that way.

My parents have probably been the two most important influences on me. Well, I suppose that's true for everyone right? After all, they're your first introductions from the moment you swim into the world, second only to the doctor who smacks you on the ass to get you breathing. :-) But who remembers who did THAT to fact, who WANTS to remember. My father, Leigh, and my mother, Claudia, have been and are (although they may think I think otherwise) very important to me. I respect their opinions, even though I often don't weave them into my own. Neither of them are really into this whole internet thing, so no, you can't contact them, and they also haven't let me get a picture of them for the page, but perhaps one day I'll be able to persuade them that no one's gonna stalk them if I put one up...hehe...

Then there's this goofy kid. He's my brother Mike. We've got six years difference between us, which is cause for quite a number of problems. We fight daily, as most siblings do, but then, there are times when we have a cool type of relationship too. Despite the way I act, it means a lot to have him as a brother. Yeah he IS really egotistical now that he's working on his bod...but I guess I can get past that. Mostly because I know exactly where all the good blackmail pics are... :-)

You can email Mike, but don't expect a response TOO soon...I won't let him on my computer!

One of the most influencial people in my life of late, is my boyfriend Ian. He happened to mosh into my life at the most perfect time, and hasn't left my side since. I have the utmost respect for him. He's literally changed my life, but in a positive way. Ian's been there through a lot of rough times with me, and it's good to know that I've been able to do the same for him.

Although we are still some distance away from each other by virtue of different birth country, I often feel that we're closer than most people who live in the same house as each other. It's really important to me to have someone who not only cares for me, and loves me, but also someone who respects my opinions, supports my choices, and who is open and honest with me. I've found all these qualities, plus so many more in Ian, and I could never express my gratitude to him...well, not in words anyway.

Ian, you are the best. I'll love you always, and I cherish our friendship. I hope you know just how much you really mean to me. :-)


My pets are pretty important to me too. They comfort me without even having to say a word. Toby, our miniature Schnauzer, Sophie, our cat, and my mouse Sian are three creatures I'd really have a hard time living without.


Unfortunately, I've had many pets pass on during my life. RIP to my dogs Shane, and Benji, my fish Fish, and Chips, my guinea pig G.P., and my mice Chewie, Satan, Stufu and Yutoo.

Gone, but NEVER forgotten.

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